About Us

About us?

We are, and our goal is to bring you the best Lottery reviews around.

Here at Mad About Lottery, we provide you with up to date reviews, the latest lottery news and any new or on-going promotions for all the best online lotteries and any side games they provide.

Our dedicated writers visit all the online lottery sites, sign up and play the various lotteries, side games, and instant wins then write up a 100% unique and unbiased review for you guys.

Why Mad About Lottery?

People playing games on their mobiles and tablets has taken off considerably over the past few years. They are now basically portable computers and gaming tools and we understand that it can be difficult to find a decent mobile optimised site when searching on these devices.

The best sites around at the moment are on the mobile market, and that is why we created a site dedicated to people who want to play on the go and can get quick access to their preferred site rather than having to load or boot up their desktop computers and laptops.

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