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The California Super Lotto is the biggest American State Lottery that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:15 pm PST. The lottery starts at $7,000,000 jackpot which will rollover whenever it goes unclaimed. TheCaliforniaSupperLotto gives some of their proceeds to provide supplemental funding for state public schools.


About California Super Lotto:

When playing the California Super Lotto, you won’t just be playing for a jackpot. You’ll also be contributing to several worthwhile initiatives to help schools in California. Proceeds from the lottery provide supplemental funding for state public schools. So, if you’re looking to play a lottery which engages in charitable outreach, then the California Super Lotto is a great option. It is the biggest American State Lottery and was established way back in 1984 after the introduction of Proposition 37 as an amendment to California State Law.

How to Play:

It’s almost effortless to enter the California Super Lotto from anywhere in the world when you get your tickets online. When you get your ticket, you’ll have to pick five numbers. These numbers must fall between 1 and 47. You’ll then be asked to pick an additional bonus number between 1 and 27 called the Mega Number. California Super Lotto draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 23:15 PST.

To win the main jackpot, players will have to match all five main numbers and match the Mega number. You’ll also need the mega number to get your hands on the 3rd and 5th place prizes. These are won by landing 4 numbers + Mega and 3 numbers + Mega, respectively.
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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

California Super Lotto Plus Payouts:

This lottery has the capacity to grant some huge wins. The biggest jackpot on record stands at $193 million, which was won back in 2002. The lottery starts at $7,000,000 jackpot and will rollover whenever it goes unclaimed. Just as there is no geographical location in getting tickets to this lottery, there is no location barrier on winners. You do not need to be based in California to win the California Super Lotto jackpot prize.

There are nine prizes on offer. The first is the much-coveted main jackpot. Aside from this, there are 8 other prizes; 4 are numbered combinations, 3 are combinations and a mega number, the last is landing the mega number alone. You’ll receive higher payouts by combining a numbered combination with a mega number.

If you’ve won on the California Super Lotto, it is essential that you claim your prize 180 days of the draw taking place. As the lottery is primarily a charitable venture, the proceeds will be used after this time. Your prize money will instead go into the many projects that the lottery funds to aid schools and colleges in providing education in the state.
It should be noted that jackpots won on this type of lottery will incur taxes of around 30%. You can choose to receive your funds as a lump sum or as a 30-year annuity.

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