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Baloto has been around for over ten years and takes place every Wednesday and Friday. The highest jackpot ever won at Baloto was COP117 billion! Although the payout is not as large as you’d be playing for in other types of lotteries, the odds of winning are a lot more higher.


About Colombia Baloto:

Baloto is the name of Colombia’s online lottery. It is a cumulative jackpot that gives players the chance to become a Colombian billionaire. The game has been in operation for over ten years. There is also an additional Revancha draw which gives you access to a further accumulative draw.

How to Play Baloto:

The draws for the Baloto games run bi-weekly and take place on a Wednesday and Friday. You’ll be shown a number of panels; each has the numbers 1 to 45 in little boxes. You’ll be asked to make six selections within a single panel. Each panel constitutes a line bet, so choose the number of lines that you wish to bet then choose numbers on the relevant panels. Depending on where you get your tickets, you may also be able to place an additional bet to take place in the Revancha game. However, some ticket outlets will also enter you into the revancha game as standard.

In order to win the jackpot billionaire, you’ll have to match all six numbers on a single panel. The numbers can appear in any order. If the jackpot is not claimed, it will rollover.
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Payouts on the Baloto Lottery:

The initial jackpot billionaire starts at 2 billion Columbian pesos and will rise whenever it is not won. The highest jackpot ever won was valued at COP117 billion! Before you place a bet, be sure to check out the current progressive total. Although exchange rates can fluctuate, at the time of writing the equivalent of the base jackpot for this game stands at £51, 0158.

We mentioned above that there are more prizes up for grabs in this game than just the jackpot billionaire. This is where the revancha prize comes in. The initial revancha draw is valued at 500 million pesos. There are prizes for those who make 5 hits, 4 hits and 3 hits. As you’d expect, make more hits and your payout is likely to be larger. However, you’ll also need to split the payout total should more than one person make the same level of hits.

Players should note that as with most large prizes, there is a tax charge applicable to billionaire jackpot winnings. The Colombian Government has currently set this at 20%. These high level of winnings are likely to come as a result of landing 5 or 6 hits in the game.

Contact Information:

If you have any problems using The Lotter for purchasing tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone (0800-1700-409) Live chat and Email.

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Our Conclusion: is one of the more difficult lotteries to get to grips with if you are not based in Colombia. However, many online portals will make it easy for you. You’ll simply be asked to pick your numbers and will be notified in the event of a win. The payout is not as large as you’d be playing for in other types of lottery games. This said, lower value jackpots generally constitute better odds. So, if you’re looking to play a game that isn’t as high profile with multiple prize options, then this could be a great option.
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