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The Euro Combo is made up of 6 different lotteries from all over Europe. There are 12 different draws made weekly with some draws happening 3 times a week. The average total jackpot for a Euro Combo winning ticket is about €190m; this would give you around €3m per person.


About Euro Combo:

Throughout Europe, no matter where you are there are some incredible prizes up for grabs with some of the biggest lotto draws. Every day will be your chance to land huge jackpots and play some of the best lotto games around the famous continent when you purchase a Euro Combo Syndicate. It is one syndicate that will allow players to go for glory as they seek out the biggest prize pools Europe’s top lotteries have to offer.

The Euro Combo is one of the easiest packages you could ever hope for – especially if you enjoy playing multiple lotto games and not just the ones from your home nation. The Euro Combo is a collection of lottery tickets, and it allows players to purchase shares, which will enable you to put your name in the hat for six different draws.

As long as you are over the age of 16 and have a passion for smashing jackpots, then the Euro Combo is what you are looking for whether it is a German jackpot or a British rollover!

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How to Play:

Syndicates are very easy to control and simple to purchase which is why they are becoming so more and more popular these days amongst lotto lovers. It is a collective of 6 different European lottos made up of the EuroMillions, French Lottery, Spanish Lottery, German Lottery, Eurojackpot and the Super EnaLotto. These six lotteries are probably the most famous names, excluding the UK Lotto, because of the massive jackpots and costs per lines.

There are 12 different draws made weekly, with some draws happening three times a week such as the French Lotto. 61 lines will be awarded to players who get into the share program for the Euro Combo, which will be around £0.11 per line. A number of tickets and shares you bet will affect the size of jackpots available, and the jackpots will be divided amongst how many players are in the syndicate.

There are draws every day, in fact, some lotteries will overlap such as the Euro Millions, which will be drawn on a Tuesday – the same day as the Eurojackpot and the Super EnaLotto. It means that one night can hold a whole lot of excitement and possible jackpots for players in this combo.

Euro Combo Payouts:

As there are six different lotto games involved in the EuroCombo, this will naturally result in different jackpot prizes. The average total jackpot for a Euro Combo ticket is around €190m, which is around €3m per share. These aren’t the final numbers, though, as jackpots can roll over, and prize funds can increase quite significantly so it’s all to play for in these lotto games.

Contact Information:

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Our Conclusion:

Euro Combo is an excellent choice for those players who love more jackpots and more prizes. There are massive jackpots each day, with 12 different draws, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Players will more than sense a buzz of excitement when they bet a share in the Euro Combo!
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