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Lotto Plus is home to a variety of lotteries from all destinations. Whether you are from the UK, Us or Austrailia you can play all in one place at Lotto Plus. Also, you have the option of joining single lottery syndicates or combo lottery syndicates. Either way, you are in it to win it.

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About Lotto Plus:

Lotto Plus is your one-stop shop for lottery syndicates. These syndicates give you the opportunity to play in some of the world’s top lotteries. The premise behind a syndicate is simple; pay less, raise your chances of winning. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Lotto Plus has a huge selection and some great opportunities. However, you will have to over the age of 18 to take part.

Bonuses and Promotions:

At Lotto Plus, the site gets the official tickets; then you get to choose whether you want to join the fun. You have the option of joining single lottery syndicates or combo lottery syndicates. The single option will include tickets from just one, single lottery. In the combo option, there are tickets for many different popular lottery games. It is entirely up to you how much that you spend at Lotto Plus. There are three different membership options based on jackpot shares. Should you choose the ‘Mini’ option, the entry price is halved, and you become entitled to 1 share of the winnings. The ‘Standard’ will double your winnings as it gives you two shares in the winnings. If you want to maximise your total, then check out the ‘Maxi’ selection. It will quadruple winnings by providing you with four shares.

Whenever a syndicate wins, the prize total is divided up between the total number of shares. The more shares you have, the larger your prize will be.
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Games and Software:

We mentioned above that Lotto Plus has access to many different lottery games. We weren’t kidding. When it comes to single lottery options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You may join any of the following games:
UK Lotto – 26 lines
UK Thunderball – 24 lines
Irish Lotto – 40 lines
EuroMillions – 50 lines
US Powerball – 50 lines
Mega Millions – 100 lines
Oz Lotto – 100 lines
Oz Powerball – 102 lines

We’ve also listed the number of lines in each game. A line is the combination of different numbers that have been purchased for each lottery entry. Multiples of these combine to form a syndicate. In short, if there are more lines been played, then you have more chances of striking it lucky.

You’ll also be able to find out how many times a game has rolled over at Lotto Plus. Just look for the little blue tab on the left side of the syndicate. Prices range from just £1.98 to £3.12 per share.

Combination Syndicates

At present, the combo syndicates haven’t quite launched at Lotto Plus yet. However, we are expecting them to arrive soon. There are three different combo options; Lucky 7, Super Saturday and Ultimate Combo. Each gives you access to a multitude of various lotteries. All you need to do is select the one with the combination and share price which suits you. Prices begin at £2.98 and rise to £7.77 for the Lucky 7 combo. As you’d expect, the combination jackpot is far higher than its single counterpart.

Players should note that payments to the Lotto Plus site can only be made using Visa or MasterCard. E-wallets and other alternative payment methods are not supported here.

Customer Support:

Help is on hand, should you run into any difficulties while playing at the Lotto Plus site. In fact, there are several different avenues you can explore if you need help. Your first stop should always be the FAQ page. Here you’ll instantly find fixes to the most common problems.
The customer service team can also be reached by email or by telephone (+44 800 011 9213). Alternatively, click on the live chat function where a team member will coach you through your query in real-time.

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Our Conclusion: has a huge selection of lotteries. Should you wish to join a syndicate, you’ll find plenty different options here. They cover a broad range of territories; from the UK to the US and even Australia. Players at Lotto Plus will find a full list of the most recent results for each lottery by checking the results section of the site. Combination syndicates haven’t arrived yet, but we’re sure that they’ll become an instant hit with players when they do. After all, who doesn’t want a shot at winning £813, 700,000?
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