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Mega Millions is based in the USA but you can also play it from the UK. The live draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday giving you 2 chances to win the millions each week. The MegaMillions is just an American version of Thunderball with some of the biggest payouts there is.


About Mega Millions:

Mega Millions is all about that cash, this lotto game will get you on the road to riches quickly. The world record for the biggest ever payout goes to the Mega Millions lottery and it sat at just over $650million, imagine what you’d spend all that cash on! Anyone can be a winner with this game and there’s no need to splash out on a lot of tickets to get a prize.

Mega Millions is a jackpot game based in the USA, but you can play it from the UK also, as long as you’re over the age of 16. There are services that players can use to get the tickets for these games, with syndicates around the world saving these tickets up. There’s no cap on how high the Mega Millions jackpot can go, so don’t be afraid to join in as there’s always a big jackpot on offer.

How to Play Mega Millions:

Think of this game as the American version of Thunderball, as the core gameplay is incredibly similar. There are regular numbers and then a Mega Balls, which is sort of like the Thunderball in this equation.

The five regular numbers are selected from a pool of 1 to 75, which can be chosen manually or by a quick pick. Then, a Mega Ball is selected from a pool of numbers from 1 to 15. It makes up one line on the ticket, and as many as seven lines can be purchased per ticket.

The lottos for Mega Millions take place on a Tuesday and a Friday, so you get two shots at those millions per week. The absolute minimum prize is $15million, but there is an unlimited amount of rollover allowed in the lotto. The minimum jackpot amount of the draw increases with inflation too, which just adds to the many reasons why this is a top lotto.

Just as the Thunderball is needed to grab the best payouts in the game, the Mega Balls are your key to victory. As they’re drawn from a smaller pool, players have much higher chances to pick these numbers correctly.
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Mega Millions Pay Outs:

Of course, it’s up to players to get all of the numbers correct to win the Mega Millions jackpot. If it’s not won, then it will roll over to the next draw or in the case of more than one winning ticket, the jackpot will be split.

The Mega Ball is the one to watch out for, as it instantly pulls your jackpot up by a huge amount. If you have all five numbers and no Mega Ball, then the jackpot sits at a fixed value of $1million. That’s still an incredible amount to win, though!

If players just manage to select the Mega Ball correctly, then they’ll win their ticket price back, meaning that there are more chances to win this way than any other. In fact, the odds of winning a payout from this lotto sit at 1 in 14.7 so there’s a decent chance of getting a payout.

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