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New York Lotto can accumulate a huge jackpot prize, to walk away with the main jackpot total you’ll have to match all six numbers drawn. There are additional prizes for the second, third, fourth and fifth place. The NewYorkLotto live draw takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturday nights.


About New York Lotto:

As of 2015, New York is considered to be the fourth most populous state in the US. We always expect New York to do things on a big scale, so when it came to their lotteries, we were expecting big things. Thankfully, with the New York Lotto, we were not disappointed. Play from anywhere in the world for a shot at taking home the huge jackpot prize.

How to Play the New York Lotto:

In order to play the New York Lotto regardless of your location, you’ll have to get your tickets online. The lines for this game are made up of panels which hold numbers 1-59. You’ll be asked to pick six numbers. Depending on where you buy your ticket, you’ll be able to bet multiple lines. Some will allow up to 52 lines for a single game.

Drawings take place twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturday nights. An independent firm will draw six main numbers and a bonus ball. In order to walk away with the main jackpot total, you’ll have to match all six numbers drawn. There are additional prizes for the second, third, fourth and fifth place.
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New York Lotto Payouts:

New York Lotto can accumulate huge first prize jackpots. If it is not won during a single draw, then it will be carried over. The same is true of the second place prize. The second place prize is won by matching five balls and the bonus. The third prize is won with five matching numbers; fourth requires four, and the fifth prize requires three.
The odds of winning the first prize pool money are pretty low. It is estimated that players have a 1 in 45,057,474 chance of taking home this prize. However, the odds of winning something in this game are pretty decent and stand at 1 in 46.02.

The prize fund is split between all winners and is dependent on the number of New York Lotto tickets sold. Match six numbers and you’ll walk away with 75% of the takings. Second place gets 7.25%, third receives 5.50%, fourth 6.25% and fifth gets 6.00%. It may seem strange that the fourth and fifth place prize pool receive larger shares, however, this is due to the fact that there are generally more winners in these categories. So, it ensures that winners receive a decent payout. At each tier, the prize pool is divided by the number of people with winning tickets.

Contact Information:

If you have any problems using The Lotter for purchasing tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone (0800-1700-409) Live chat and Email.

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Our Conclusion:

The offers the potential to take home some serious cash. It is a rollover lottery which means that the top prize can reach astronomical heights if it is not claimed. One of the other great features of this lottery is that the same rollover rules apply to the second place prize. Therefore, with enough rollovers, you’ll be able to take home a seriously substantial reward without even claiming the jackpot. As the draw is bi-weekly, you have access to New York Lotto frequently with more chances of striking it lucky.
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