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Oz Lotto is the biggest lottery in Australia, but it is also open to people outside of the country. The live draw takes place every Tuesday night at 8:00pm. The OzLotto jackpot isn’t fixed; it can roll over and increase depending on ticket sales. The biggest jackpot ever won was in 2012, and it was a huge $111 million!


About Oz Lotto:

It’s time to venture down under and grab yourself a jackpot with Australia’s national lottery. The Oz Lotto is a world-famous way to play the lotto, and it’s even open to those outside of the country. This charitable venture raises money for various causes in the country, so they welcome international players with open arms.

Oz Lotto has been running since the 90s, and it is one of the slightly more involved ones to play in. There are different rules to this lotto, but it’s incredibly rewarding once you know how to get involved. If you’re playing through a syndicate or service, then you won’t even need to know how to play – you’ll just win!

The National Lottery of Australia, or Oz Lotto, is the biggest in the country. It plays once a week; draw time is every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. They have always stuck to the schedule of playing on a Tuesday night, but if you’re tuning from the United Kingdom, then you can find out if you’ve won in the early hours of Wednesday.

How to Play Oz Lotto:

Oz Lotto isn’t a flat fee lotto, as you pay more for more chances to win by adding in numbers. A line can contain from 7 to 11 numbers, and the cost associated goes up with these. Every number can be picked from 1 to 45, so there are fewer balls and higher chances to win than other lottos.
Only three numbers are needed to win a prize and winners are sorted into divisions. It places them in pools to share the jackpot amounts, so those with more winning balls receive higher shares of the prize.
If you want to pay more for higher chances of winning in the Oz Lotto, then there are a couple of different ways that you can do so.

You can get more Oz Lotto tickets when the ticket is first bought or add them on later. There are also quick picks, which ensure that at least one of your numbers is chosen. By paying extra, players can also increase the maximum amount of numbers per line up to 20 to give them more chances to win too. All of these tactics will cost a little extra on your ticket price but can be much more rewarding.

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Oz Lotto Pay Outs:

The Oz Lotto has fantastic pools of jackpots that players can make their way into with just a few correct balls. The jackpot isn’t fixed, as it can roll over and be added to by inflation and ticket sales, though it’s always high!

Depending on how many correct numbers you achieve, you could get into a division or just net a top prize. The mixture of numbers isn’t quite as important as the Powerball or Thunderball, as there are no different significant numbers.

Getting into the first division, which is the very top of the heap, can net you up to $111,000,000AUD – or about £60,000,000. The minimum jackpot amount paid to the first division is never less than $2,000,000AUD, and then other pools are added for the other divisions. If you’re hoping to get your hands on any prize in this lotto then your chances of doing so sit at a very competitive 1 in 8, which is far more likely than other lotto draws.

Customer Support and Help:

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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

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