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The Oz Powerball live draw takes place every Thursday night at 9:30pm (Australian time.) Although it takes place in Australia, you can also play in countries where lotto is legal. This means draw time will be different depending on time zones. OzPowerball has added betting options making it more expensive but giving you more chances to win.


About Oz Powerball:

If you were a big fan of the US Powerball or the UK’s very own Thunderball, then the Oz Powerball will be a new way to win. This Australian variation of the game and it’s open to all players over the age of 16. There are no location restrictions so it can be played anywhere that the lotto is legal.

The Oz Powerball draw is a weekly event and television viewership skyrockets when it’s time to draw the balls. It all happens at 9.30pm on a Thursday in Australian time, so in the early afternoon for those in the UK. Depending on where you get your tickets from, they can be available up to an hour before the big draw.

The Powerball started out in America, but the popularity of the game has led to some regional variations. The countries that run these National Lottos benefit from the profits and often use them for charitable projects. The Oz Powerball jackpots are all funded from the ticket sale, so it’s a brilliant venture for the country and its people. They’re given the chance to become millionaires while helping good causes so it’s an all-around winner.
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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

How to Play Oz Powerball:

There are two categories of balls in the Oz Powerball, the regular ones and then the special Powerball. The 6 regular ones are chosen from a pool of 40 balls, and the Powerball is selected from just 20. If you play with a PowerHit on this game, then you’ll be guaranteed to get the Powerball for an additional fee.

As with most lottos, Oz Powerball players can select the numbers that they want or get a lucky dip instead. This lotto also gives players the chance to extend their lines with a Super Combo, to add in more numbers. The Powerball is still the most dominant in these games, and the whole game is incredibly similar to the US version. The only real changes are the payout method, additional options and of course the country that benefits from the profits.

Oz Powerball Pay Outs:

As with the Oz Lottery, the Oz Powerball players go into a division with others of the same number count. The reason that this is necessary is because of the additional options that they can use to win. Each division is allocated a set jackpot amount, with the first division taking the lion’s share of the jackpot.

The jackpot of the game isn’t fixed, but each division always receives a set percentage of the prize on offer. The jackpot can also rollover if the money allocated to the first division isn’t claimed and this will continue to happen until it is won.

The Oz Powerball is the one to watch out for, as it will make all the difference between a division 1 win and a division 2 one. The odds of making it into any of the divisions with your ticket are 1 in 10, which puts it ahead of most lottos. Even if you don’t play with the additional options, this is a brilliant rate of return on your lotto tickets.

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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

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