Responsible Gambling

As Oscar Wilde once said: “Everything in moderation.”

We believe this applies to everything in life, especially gambling. Although we at Mad About Lottery know how fun and exciting gaming can be. We’re are also well aware of how addictive the ‘rush’ can be.

The excitement of every payout, the idea that you’re always one step away from the next big win, it’s all incredibly exhilarating and extremely hard to give up.

That’s why we offer the advice that you while you should enjoy the game you’re playing just remember that no matter what you do, only play within your means.

Some of our general rules for responsible gambling are:

  • Set a limit– only go into a game with the intention of spending a set amount of money. Don’t keep going until you win a significant amount. Once your budget is gone, stop playing.
  • Talk to people– you’ll find that a lot of individuals have experienced the same kind of problem and were often able to provide great advice.
  • Talk to staff– a lot of online lotteries are more heavily regulated than the regular walk-in ones, mainly because they’re easier to shut down. As a consequence of that, online lottery staff are a lot more active with the user base, so if you ever feel that your betting is getting out of control, our staff are more than happy to help.
  • Call someone– if you have no one to talk to, then don’t worry, there’s an almost infinite list of specialist groups. Plus, phone numbers, and websites that will help you with your problem.

For example, and are just two that are instantly available.

Remember gambling is a fun pastime. If it no longer becomes fun for you or anyone you know, get help immediately before it’s too late.

Mad About Lottery