The Pools

The Pools is a soccer themed lottery game, with a mixture of Austrailian and European soccer games. It is just $0.75 per game and can be played like every other lottery game, so even if you're not a football fanatic you can still play. Head over to Oz Lotteries to start playing.

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About The Pools:

The Pools is a national lottery game which is based on soccer matches. These matches can be a mix of Australian and European soccer games. Don’t this let you put you off if you’re not a huge fan. It operates in a similar way to any other lottery, so you can still play even if you’re not a football aficionado.

How to Play the Pools:

To begin playing the pools, you’ll have to choose 6 numbers which fall between 1 and 38. Each week, a list of 38 matches are shortlisted and given a number of between 1 and 38. This number then represents the fixture in the lottery. As a scoring draw is the highest ranking criteria, it may be a good idea to look at the fixtures that are most likely to make this happen when choosing your numbers. The winner is the ticket with the most scoring draws.

There is a rank to the fixtures. The most valuable is a scoring draw, followed by a non-scoring draw. Third, comes an away side win and then the fourth-ranking criteria is a home win. The supplementary number is determined by the 7th highest scoring draw game. Having some football knowledge can help you to predict fixtures but as we all know, predicting match results can be a volatile business. So, it’s not all that necessary in order to play the game.
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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

The Pools Payouts:

The payouts are split into 5 different levels, which are known as divisions. They run from Division 1, which is the highest value, to the lowest value prize of Division 5.

You’ll win a Division 1 prize with 6 main winning numbers. Land 5 main winning numbers and the supplementary number for a Division 2 prize. The supplementary number is only used in 2 divisions; the 2nd and the 5th. The lowest prize is awarded for 3 main winning numbers and the supplementary number.

In the Oz Lotteries Pool, the Division 1 prize pool is guaranteed to be $75,000. So, it’s definitely well-worth playing. The rest of the divisions will be determined by how many people decide to play. It costs just $0.75 to play a standard game so that you could win a huge amount at a very small cost.

It is estimated that the odds of winning the Division 1 prize stand at around 1 in 2,760,681. Although this seems like a huge number, when set beside a number of jackpot lotteries, it’s not all that large. If your aim is to win any division prize, then the odds are far higher, somewhere around 1 in 297. By increasing the number of games played to 12, you significantly boost your odds and instead have a 1 in 25 chance of taking home a prize.

Customer Support and Help:

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18+ New players only. See website for full T&C’s.

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