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The Thunderball has become very popular due to the massive payouts and jackpots made weekly. It cost just £1 per line and you could win up to £500k! Thunderball is part of The National Lottery and gives you a chance to win cash with just one number!


About Thunderball:

If you like your lotto games with a bit of a twist, then the Thunderball might just be the game for you. This high octane lotto game all rests on a single ball which can be the difference between a few quid and a few hundred. This game comes from The National Lottery and is one of their most popular creations, with excitement and jackpots abound.

How to Play Thunderball:

The Thunderball Lotto draw takes place three times a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday without fail. The lines are all valued at £1 each and seven can be added to a single payslip.

There are five numbers to be chosen from each line in this game, four of which are the regular ones and then that all important Thunderball. The four regular numbers can be anywhere from 1 to 39, and the Thunderball can be any number from 1 to 14. The mechanics of the game are created in such a way that players are more likely to get the Thunderball than any other number. Then, they added huge jackpots on the last number, making this lotto one to get involved with.

Players can buy as many as 10 of these tickets in any one transaction, and they can save their order too. When purchasing tickets, players can select how many weeks they want these numbers to be in play for. It is perfect for those that always find themselves running to their nearest lotto retailer at the last minute.

The tickets can be gotten at different times through the week. They must be bought before 7.30pm each Wednesday and before 9pm for the weekend draws. There’s a timer on the game ticket to tell players how long they have to complete their transaction, which can come in handy if you don’t have long. If you’re running out of time to play then, you can use their mobile app too, which makes the process even easier.

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18+ New players only. See full website for T&C’s.

Thunderball Pay Outs:

The Thunderball is the deciding factor when it comes to how much you win in this game, as it can make a huge difference. The maximum jackpot of the game is £500K, you need five numbers and the Thunderball to win. That Thunderball is crucial, as five numbers alone will decimate the prize down to £5K. It is easier to achieve, though, as there is a smaller pool of Thunderball numbers than there are regular numbers.

As players drop down to four of these numbers with the Thunderball also correct the prize amounts to £250. Without the Thunderball, players will be given £100 instead – so it is important to how much you win. As the numbers go down, so too do the jackpots until all you win is £3 from the Thunderball alone. It plays an important part in how often you win, as half of all Thunderball tickets will win something.

Customer Support and Help:

If you have any problems using The Lotter for purchasing tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone(+44 800 011 9213) Live chat and Email.

Support Telephone: +44 800 011 9213
Social Channels for The Lotter: Facebook

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18+ New players only. See full website for T&C’s.

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