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The UK Combo is a combination of 4 different lotteries including UK Thunderball, UK Lotto, Euromillions UK and Irish Lotto. This is a total of 9 jackpots per week with amazing jackpots up for grabs. UK Combo gives players the option of how many shares they want to get and how long they would like to do it for.


About UK Combo:

The UK Combo from The Lotto is a brilliant service that allows players to take part in the best games from the British Isles. Grab tickets and shares into this syndicate quickly, as there are only ever a limited amount on offer. Increase your likelihood of winning and share in a community jackpot with your fellow players.

This syndicate takes only the very best draws from around the UK and Ireland to offer players top access. The tickets are exceptionally well priced, and the best part is that you can choose how much you want to play per week.

How to Play the UK Combo:

The UK Combo encompasses a total of 9 draws each week with lotto jackpots galore available to win. There are four different lottos included, some of which play more than once a week, and these are all easy to find. It means that each day of the week will hold some excitement for you as you cross your fingers and hope that the group wins at least one jackpot.

The UK Thunderball is the first of these lottos and this is a bi-weekly lotto game with jackpots of up to £500K. The UK Lotto is also available to play in this combo as well as the exciting Irish Lotto too. Finally, players in this group will also be entered into the fantastic Euromillions draw, which is one of the biggest out there.

The portion of shares that players place into the UK Combo is directly proportional to the amount that they can win. Simply put, the more you get, the more you stand to win when you play the UK Combo. All of the tickets that players get are pooled together and then any winning tickets are split evenly between the shares. The jackpot prizes that players receive are based on some shares that they have in the group.

Players are given the option of how many shares they want to play as well as how long they would like to do so for. It can be done on a recurring basis or simply purchased for a flat fee. Each ticket is a lucky dip and players will be notified of the overall winnings at the end of each draw.

It’s cheaper to play lotto through this UK Combo game, as the cost per line is significantly reduced. Players can also look forward to freebie tickets to other draws, so it’s a better value way to get your tickets. They are limited, however, so if you want to take part each week, you can sign up for a recurring payment.

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UK Combo Pay Outs:

As we’ve stated, the payouts on the UK Combo are all based on the percentage of the shares that you hold. Some of these lottos have fixed values and others have jackpots based on the tickets sold or rollover winners. This means that there’s no fixed payout per share but the more you have, the more you’re in line to win.

Contact Information:

If you have any problems using The Lotter for tickets or transferring money please use these contact details; Telephone(+44 800 011 9213) Live chat and Email.

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Our Conclusion:

The UK Combo is one of the best collection of lotto games out there and is perfect for newbies or veteran players. There’s no fuss when you get your tickets, and as long as you’re fast enough or set up a debit, you can take part whenever you like. Even one share can bring in a huge jackpot, so it’s worth having a go on this lotto game.
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